Carolina Crossfit

Carolina CrossFit is more than a gym—it’s a vibrant community dedicated to empowering its members to lead their best lives. Whether you’re a parent looking to engage actively with your children, an athlete training for a marathon, or looking to compete in your first local CrossFit competition, Carolina CrossFit offers a supportive environment to conquer your fitness goals.

Central to Carolina CrossFit’s philosophy is the belief that fitness is a lifestyle, not just an hour-long workout. We aim to prepare you for the other 23 hours of your day, emphasizing holistic wellness through our classes and community events. Carolina CrossFit’s welcoming atmosphere is akin to hosting friends at a home gathering. Our coaches are dedicated to helping individuals improve mentally and physically, fostering a culture of personal growth.

With our inclusive approach to fitness and community, Carolina CrossFit stands out as a place where individuals can enhance their well-being and fitness journey.

Workout Of The Day

Monday April 8, 2024

Clean Technique Complex:
6 sets: E2MOM @ 60-70%
1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Below The Knee Hang Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat
*can build slightly throughout sets but not exceed 70%, focus on positions and technique


For Time: (each round down by 6/5 calories)
Row Calories M: 30-24-18-12-6 / F: 25-20-15-10-5
15 V-ups after each row including the end
*12 minute time cap

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Tuesday April 9, 2024

Plyometric SuperSet
4 sets: E3MOM (12 minutes total)
4 Mid Thigh Pulls (roughly 50% of clean 1RM)
4 Box Jumps (higher than week 1 if possible)
8 Explosive Push-ups

Mixed Implement Burden Carry
Teams of 4:
1 Mile Team Run
*must carry a 35/25lbs KB or DB, 45/25lbs plate, 20/14lbs Medball
*3 partners carry while one runs along without weight
*16 minute time cap


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Wednesday April 10, 2024

Pull-up Progression Strength: (Horizontal)
4 Sets: in 15 minutes
8 Incline Bench Prone DB Rows
12 Banded Face Pulls
rest 1 minute after each set
-after 4th set-
1 Burnout Set of Max Rep Feet Elevated Australian Pull-ups (feet on bench)

Gymnastics Devo Intervals
3 Sets:
15/12 Bike Calories
15 Thrusters (75/55)
2-5 Rope Climbs
-rest/walk 1 minute after each set-
*14 minute time cap

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Thursday April 11, 2024

Strong As Hale Special Edition
Station 1:
10 minute AMRAP
10/8 Row Calories
10 DB RDL’s (50/35s)
10 DB Zottman Curls (light, controlled, and slow)
-rest 3 minutes-
Station 2:
10 minute AMRAP
10/8 Bike Calories
10 KB Goblet Cyclist Squats (53/35)
10 Ring Tricep Extensions
-rest 3 minutes-
Station 3:
10 minute AMRAP
20 DU
10 American Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
10 Plank Walk-ups

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Friday April 12, 2024

Jerk Heavy Sets:
3 @ 72%
3 @ 75%
2 @ 78%
2 @ 82%
1 @ 85%
*all reps with a :01 pause in the receiving position

“Run Randy Run”
5 Rounds For Time:
200m Run
15 Power Snatches (75/55)
*12 minute cap

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Saturday April 13, 2024

Partner Murph For Time:
All reps split as desired between partners including run, must be unpartitioned
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run
*35 minute time cap

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Group Classes run throughout the day, almost every day of the week, and are designed to help you lose weight, gain strength, endurance, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy all while having a good time and becoming a member of our community.

In our one-hour group sessions, participants will be lead by our expert coaches through multiple phases of fitness and recovery:

  1. Mobility drills to improve and restore joint mobility and function
  2. Skill-based warm-up to prepare the body for the workout
  3. Post-workout recovery techniques to prepare you for the rest of your day and for your next workout.

CCF-101: Intro to CrossFit

The first step to becoming a member at Carolina CrossFit. CCF-101 is a program built to get you ready for daily crossfit classes. The program consists of 4 – 60 minute personal training sessions followed by 6 group classes to experience our workouts, coaches, and community. These 10 classes are $200. Please email to check availability and to let us know when you would like to come in.

Please Note:

  • Personal Training sessions must be reserved in advance
  • You will need to bring workout attire, a water bottle, and enthusiasm!

Membership Prices

  • Unlimited Classes $155 every 4 weeks($130)
  • 3 Classes Per Week $130 every 4 weeks($105)
  • 8 Class Punch Card $105 ($85)
  • Couples Membership $240 every 4 weeks
  • Drop-in $20

*Parentheses prices are for military, first responders, and student pricing.

Open Gym

We offer open gym at all times that our facility is open:

  • Mon, Tue, Wed 5am - 7:30pm
  • Thu 5am-8am + 3:30pm - 7pm
  • Fri 5am - 6:30pm
  • Sat 8am - 11am
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